Insider: Response to Nicole Patenaude’s story, risk inclination and aversion, and the Hamilton Waterfront Trust

July 28, 2017

In Episode 21 of The Hamilton spectator’s Newsroom Insider, host Joanna Frketich talks to columnist Susan Clairmont about an opportunity for the public to take part in a unique photo project called Left Behind. The Spectator project is the result of the outpouring of emotion that resulted from Clairmont’s July 10 column about Nicole Patenaude, a 20-year-old woman who jumped off a bridge onto Hwy. 403 and died. Clairmont was overwhelmed by the response from readers.

Frketich also discusses with reporter Jon Wells why some people are willing to take chances that could result in injury or death while others are risk averse.

Finally, reporter Natalie Paddon speaks about her investigative reports into the Hamilton Waterfront Trust, raising issues of transparency and accountability. 

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